The Seiko serial number decoder

Find the manufacture date of any Seiko watch

Enter the serial number and movement from your Seiko watch in the boxes below. The watch's date of manufacture will be calculated using the first 2 characters of the serial number and my list of Seiko movement manufacture dates. You will also be given an eBay link to check the watch's value, useful links such as manuals, etc (if available) and for quartz models the battery information may also be returned. Although this tool cannot be used to guarantee a Seiko's authenticity it can be used (along with visual indicators) to spot a fake Seiko.

If more than one date is returned then either I lack data for that movement or it was made for over a decade. For details of my Seiko movements list click here. For information about how this actually decodes and how to decode a Seiko serial yourself click here.

To get the best chance of getting only one date returned it is best to enter your movement in the second box. The boxes are not case sensitive. Both the serial and movement code can contain the letter S, which can look very similar to a 5.

Vintage seiko wristwatch back containing serial number and caliber.
Seiko Serial Number
(6 or 7 chrs):

Seiko Movement
(bit before the hyphen):


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